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    We do emphasis on specialised dental services as our dentists are well-trained and teach in the academic institutions. They are national and international recognised as renown speakers in their specialty.

    General Dentists

    Dr. Sawarng Chatriyanuyoke

    • B.Sc., D.D.S.(Chulalongkorn)

    Dr. Thanakhom Thongnam

    • D.D.S.(Khoen Kaeng)

    Dr. Nitinart Nakseedee

    • D.D.S.(Chiangmai Univeresity)

    Dr. Wanida Ongjaroen

    • B.D.S. (Dalian Medical University, China)
    Orthodontists (Braces)

    Dr. Proudchompoo Paungmalit

    • D.D.S. (Chulalongkorn)
    • Cert. in Orthodontics (U of Illinois at Chicago, USA)
    • Cert. in Craniofacial Orthodontics (Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan)
    • Master of Science in Orthodontics (Chang Gung University, Taiwan)

    Dr. Wilairat Chatriyanuyoke

    • B.Sc., D.D.S.(Honors, Chulalongkorn)
    • Cert. in Orthodontics
    Oral Surgeon

    Dr. Atitaya Vongprommool

    • D.D.S. (Honors, Chulalongkorn)
    • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Science in Oral & Mexcillofacial Surgery (Chulalongkorn)

    Dr. Namita Wangsuekul

    • D.D.S. (Honors, Chiangmai University)
    • Higher Grad. in clinical science oral and maxillofacial surgery (Prince of Songkla University)
    Oral Implantologist (Dental Implant)

    Asst. Prof. Pakawat Chatriyanuyoke

    • D.D.S.(Honors, Chulalongkorn), MS
    • Fellowship in Implant Dentistry
      (Loma Linda U., USA)
    • Diplomate International Congress of
      Oral Implantologists
    • Diplomate American Board of
      Oral Implantology
    • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Center for
      Implant Dentistry (Loma Linda U.,USA)
    Prosthodontists (Esthetics)

    Asst. Prof. Pakawat Chatriyanuyoke

    • D.D.S.(Honors, Chulalongkorn), MS
    • Cert. in Advanced Prosthodontics
      (Ohio State U., USA)
    • Diplomate American Board of Prosthodontics

    Dr. Terawat Tosiriwatanapong

    • D.D.S.(1st Honors, Mahidol)
    • CAGS in Prosthodontics (Boston U., USA)
    • DScD in Prosthodontics (Boston U., USA)

    Dr. Chutima Pongkasemwiwat

    • D.D.S.(Mahidol)
    • Master of Science in Prosthodontics (Mahidol)

    Dr. Piyaorn Suttipongkiat

    • D.D.S.(Mahidol)
    • Residency training program in Prosthodontists (Mahidol)

    Dr. Sunattha Kaewthong

    • D.D.S.(1st Honors, Mahidol)
    • Diploma of the Thai Board of Prosthodontics


    Periodontist (Gum Treatment)

    Dr. Sasirin Yiemsathan

    • D.D.S.(Honors, Chulalongkorn)
    • Higher Graduate Diploma in Periodontology (Mahidol)
    • Diplomate Thai Board of Periodontology
    • Cert. in Oral Implantology
      (Frankfurt U., Germany)

    Dr. Teerawut Tangsathian

    • D.D.S. (Honors, Chulalongkorn)
    • Higher Graduate Diploma in Periodontology (Chulalongkorn)
    • Residency training program in Periodontology (Chulalongkorn)
    • Diplomated Thai Board in Periodontology
    Endodontist (Root Canal)

    Dr. Kanokwan Butrapoe

    • D.D.S.(Honors, Chulalongkorn)
    • Graduate Diploma in Endodontics (Chulalongkorn)

    Dr. Thanomsuk Jearanaiphaisarn

    • D.D.S.(1st Honors, Chulalongkorn)
    • Master of Science in Endodontics (Chulalongkorn)
    • Diplomate Thai Board in Endodontics

    Dr. Rachada Mochadaporn

    • D.D.S.(Honors, Chulalongkorn)
    • Cert. in Endodontics ( Mahidol)
    • Diplomate Thai Board in Endodontics

    Dr. Piyamas Somprasertsuk

    • D.D.S.(Honors, Srinakarinwirot )
    • Cert. in Endodontics (Srinakarinwirot)




    Pediatric Dentistry

    Dr. Kirana Kamolchaiwanich

    • D.D.S.(Khoen Kaeng)
    • Residency training program in Pediatric Dentistry (Mahidol)
    Operative (Tooth filling)

    Dr. Saranpong Pantung

    • D.D.S.(Chulalongkorn)