Gum bleaching


Dark Gum Treatment & Gum Bleaching


Some patients find dark gum is unattractive and want to lighten them. Therefore, the gum bleaching treatment is considered aesthetic because the patients who have the dark gums treatment elect to have the procedure done to improve the appearance of their smiles.

What cause dark gum?

  1. Melanin pigmentation and people with darker skin tones and particularly of Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean or African decent are more prone to hyper pigmentation.
  2. Poor dental hygiene
  3. Smoking can also be a major contributing factor to gum hyper pigmentation.
  4. Certain medications such as minocycline, salicylic acid, metal-based crowns and restorations, and some systemic diseases.

How Does The Gum Bleaching Treatment Work?

Dental laser is used to remove the dark pigmentation on the gums. Laser is minimally invasive, avoids the stress of needles, and allows patients to receive the dark gums treatment painlessly and safely to remove discoloration on their gums.


What Is Laser Gum Bleaching?

Laser Gum Bleaching is a cosmetic dental procedure performed by a dentist using a special laser that removes the top thin layer of gum tissue that contains the dark color. Dental numbing medicine is used to make the procedure virtually painless. After the procedure, usually there is minimal discomfort which can be controlled by using over the counter pain medication. After the procedure, a special rinse will be prescribed in order to help keep the gums clean.

Sometimes, the dark gums have very deep discoloration and patient has to return for a touchup within a month of the treatment in order to do a touch up of the area.