Digital Dentistry

Dentistry has been changed from analog to digital. Digital dentistry has help dentists treatment planing for patients more effectively.

At SWC Dental, we consider the importance of the best dental service.  We brought the digital technology to help and provide excellent dental service such as dental implant, clear aligner, braces with orthognathic surgery, veneers ,and dental crowns.  Using digital technology provide more effective dental care.  Patients get the treatment that is more comfortable, quicker ,and seeing the possible final result before deciding to receive the dental care.  Patients receive more detail and understand more of the services since the beginning until the end of the treatment.

Digital Dentistry At SWC Dental
At SWC dental, we provide a variety of dental technologies to our patients.

Intraoral Scanner

This scanner allows clinicians to quickly and easily create digital impression data that can be stored in digital file.  This file is used with the clear aligner (Invisalign) design.  Patient will get the aligners from USA faster than conventional dental impression. Moreover, file of dental restoration can be sent online to the dental laboratory in order to produce precise lab work faster.

Intraoral scanner

Digital Surgical Guide

This program was designed to plan the dental implant placement by combining the CT scan and dental scan images.  Software will help dental implantologists planing the location of dental implant accurately.

Surgical guide


The Dolphin 3D software is a powerful tool that makes processing 3D data extremely simple, enabling dental specialists from a wide variety of disciplines to diagnose, plan treatment, document and present cases.


  1. Surgical treatment planning and simulation —> more precise treatment planning especially in facial asymmetry case
  2. Software produce immediate change of soft tissue when bones are moved.
  3. Simulated treatment from an animated sequence of pre-/post-operation configurations in all three dimensions. This allows you to demonstrate your plan to the patient; or conduct case presentation to your surgical team.
  4. Create a surgical splint easier and quicker.
  5. Three-dimensional airway analysis in patient with sleep apnea 


3D printer

3D printer can print dental model from oral scanning. No more plaster model.  Moreover, the printer can print many kind of dental appliances such as dental splint, surgical stent, removable denture, & temporary prostheses.

3D printer